The key for enterprises to gain competitive advantage is to grasp the technological progress, the technological innovation and cultivate the core competitiveness of them. Enterprises need to continuously improve their technological innovation capability. Based on independent innovation, our company introduces and assimilates the advanced technology of domestic and overseas, we put great emphasis on the product of original innovation and development. We obtain a number of key invention patents and have made a breakthrough in a number of core technologies, such as LED substrate material, LED heat dissipation material and structure, LED drive system, lighting optical system, intelligent lighting system. In recent years, through continuous introduction of talents and personnel training, our company has formed a LED technology R & D team of nearly a hundred intermediate and senior technical engineers that have strong professional skills and rich experience. It provides a strong guarantee for the continuous innovation and development of our company. We have a testing laboratory, a SGS laboratory, and a Norway NEMKO certification laboratory, and have introduced advanced photoelectric parameters analyzer, instantaneous spectral analyzer, EMC tester, light radiation safety measurement system, X optical nondestructive detector and so on in Japan, the United States and Germany. Our data reports issued from testing and certification laboratory can be accredited in 47 countries and more than 100 testing organizations. At the same time, our company has won the national high-tech enterprise, technology innovation enterprise of Switzerland lighting industry and other honors. In accordance with the concept of "people-oriented" and "healthy lighting", we continue to provide the high quality products for our customers.